2015-fall semester classes now available to see

2015-07-25 01:19
As it has been shown in the class schedule website, the fall semester of 2015,
the US and Canadian Studies Department will offer diverse classes, inclduing
social studies and political science class. Below is the details.

1. class name: Game theory and the analysis of international relations
professor: 홍우택
date and location: Tuesday 789, 8109

2. class name: Introduction to International Security
professor: 박재적
date and location: Wednesday 456, 8107

3. class name: US foreign policy
professor: 박재적
date and location: Tuesday 456, 8110

4. class name: US Government and Politics
professor: Mason Richey
date and location: Thursday 123, 8110

5. class name: US-Canadian Financial Markets and Policies
professor: Brandon Walcutt
date and location: Wednesday 789, 8110

6. class name: A Critical Introduction to American Society and Culture
professor: 김만권
date and location: Tuesday 789, 8110
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