Welcome to the Department of U.S and Canadian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(HUFS). Since 1996, with the establishment of Graduate School of International and Area Studies, we have taught a number of students during the last 20 years and have produced diplomats, scholars, and businessmen. We are one of a few graduate programs in the country that is devoted to the study of U.S. and Canadian Studies. The Department of U.S and Canadian Studies provides graduate education in three concentration: political science, economics, and socio-cultural studies. Students can choose one of them as their primary academic interest and get a degree with specialty of the chosen topic after graduation. With HUFS’s number one recognition in international education among all of the universities in South Korea, our faculty have earned domestic/international recognition for research on pressing political and social issues of interest to our communities, the nation, and the world. Our faculty members were formerly policy advisors, research fellow, and professors in/outside of this country. Students have pursued a variety of activities in/outside of our graduate school; internship at the U.S Embassy in Seoul, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, Hyundai Hysco, Korea Trade Promotion Corporation, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our fully accredited Master and Ph.D. program provides a comprehensive curriculum with foundations in politics, economics, and cultural studies for students interested in pursuing careers in public and private sectors. U.S and Canadian alumni serve in many different career fields, including defense, education and private companies. Please peruse the site for additional information about our programs, admissions requirements, and news. Thank you for your time and consideration to learn more about Department of U.S and Canadian Studies at HUFS.